Roland Fischer artist statement „New Architectures“

about „New Architectures“


Our experience of life is defined by many contrarieties: night and day, the physical and the spiritual world, masculine and feminine, to mention just a few.

When we look at the world, the eye is the organ of cognition – and perception of architecture is an important part of our visual experience. As buildings are used by people they create another basic paradox, the sensation of inside and outside. Through the medium of photography the shape of the visible world can be brought to us in a straight and unfiltered way. Its permeability together with the possibilities provided by computer alteration give us new choices to represent phenomena of reality. In my recent project „new architectures“ I explore these phenomena by transforming spaces/structures in a sort of cubist tradition, simultaneously representing different vantage points. The result is, in a way, like a „third“ reality and may demonstrate that even in photography meaning is not limited by what is recognizable.