Pedro Gadanho, Fiction and Fabrication, MAAT Lissabon 2019


(GERMANY, 1958)

Roland Fischer is a prominent figure within contemporary
German photography whose exploration of monumental
image-making formats, since the 1980s, has contained a re-
lentless search for a new pictoriality to represent the mo-
dern condition of globalization. His Fagades series uses
surfaces of existing buildings to trigger a critical examina-
tion of the idea of abstraction. By isolating surfaces from
which common visual information is stripped, the artist
obscures the images’ architectural origins and gives them
a new sense of composition based on geometric patterns.
With this process, Fischer questions the agency of art itself,
as opposed to the mechanical expression of a neoliberal
economy in the built environment. Alluding to notions of
perfection and defamiliarization present in digital culture,
the pieces produce a form of inquiry into the role of the
aesthetic function throughout Modernism, both in terms
of its architectural subjects and the photographic medium


published in: Fiction and Fabrication
Ed. Pedro Gadanho
Contributions by Pedro Gadanho, Gloria Moure und Sérgio Fazenda Rodrigues
176 pages, 86 illustrations23 x 27 cm, paperback with flaps
ISBN: 978-3-7774-3289-2
Lissabon, MAAT, Museu de Arte